Miyama Heimat Youth Hostel
Eiji & Michie ASHIKAGA
57 Nakasai Obuchi Miyama Nantan KYOTO JAPAN
PHONE 0771-75-0997




(change for Fukuchiyama) JR SONOBE---JR WACHI
                      total 90min ¥950
At WACHI station, please transfer to the bus
Bus timetable...very few lines. 13.2Km 20min 300yen
Monday--Friday 13:33*1 16:33*2 18:11
Saturday 12:33*1 17:45
Sunday 12:33*1 17:34

*1・・・it is earlier than check-in time.
   please tell us in advance. because sometimes we go out
*2・・・it is joint service.
     WACHI===OHNO dam     300yen
     OHNO dam===Ikusei-en mae 150yen
when you ride on the bus, please say "youth hostel please."

we do pick-up service at 16:30 sometimes,too
from WACHI to youth hostel
・bookings are essential
・Before you get on the train at KYOTO station on arrival date,
 please call us again.

It is convinient than train &bus.
rent-a-car can be rented in KYOTO
from KYOTO
 R162----R12 or R9--R27--R12

 What's MIYAMA? 〜
      「lonely planet」

If you yearn for a glimpse of old rural Japan, head to lovely Miyama-cho, a town nested in the Kitayama mountains of northern Kyoto-fu. The'town' is composed of several village clusters spread over a large area. These picturesque hamlets are home to an abundanceof traditional Kayabuki-yane(thatched-roof)farmhouses thatched with a thick roof of long susuki(pampas grass)reeds. Miyama-cho has become a popular home for artists, and is also gaining attention from outdoor enthusiasts for its excellent hiking,camping and kayaking on the Yura-gawa. It is possible to travel to Miyama-cho as a day trip from Kyoto,but it makes a much nicer overnight trip.
KITAMURA Miyama-cho’s star attraction is Kitamura (North village) a small hamlet boasteing a cluster of some 50 thatched-roof farmhouses. In 1994 the village was designated a national preservation site, and the local government has been generously subsidising the exorbitant cost of rethatching the roofs(at an average cost of¥6million more than US$50,000!) There's not much to do in the village except walk around and admire the wonderful old houses.

《Overnight Charge》
(1 night charge for each person,without meals,included tax)
(winter season +200yen 15NOV-15APR)     

◎dormitory room◎
YH member adult -3456 yen
non member adult -4104yen

◎private room--twin◎
YH member adult - weekday 4104 yen - weekend 5184 yen
non member adult -weekday 4644 yen - weekend 5724 yen

◎private room--more than 3 people◎
YH member adult -3456 yen
non member adult -4104yen

★child (under 15 years old) is 500 yen discount.
★YH members discount will be needed YH card every one.
★You can use the room as a single room only weekday(5000yen)
★We accept to stay at only dormitory room for 1 person tourist.
★The couple is able to stay at a twin room.
★Sorry but child(under 12 years old) can not stay at dormitory room.
★And we have not any rooms with bath.
★If you are group of 3-4 males or group of 3-4 females and you hope to stay at dormitory room as a private room.

Please enjoy the tasty local cuisine.
(including VEGETARIAN menus.)
(bookings are essential.
New order for dinner will be accepted until 15:00 on arrival date.)
There is not any restaurants near here at night.
And there is nothing super market near here.


You can not use our kitchen for cooking.
We can accept to warm up some foods.
Hot water is prepared any time.


2 rooms with 3 bed
2 tatami rooms     TOTAL 4rooms for 13 persons

Laundry service
Public telephone

Rental mountain bikes.
Covered bicycle shed bikes.

There is soap and shampoo at the bathroom.
There is a hair dryer at the lavatory.

Reception open 16:00 to 21:00 hrs
Hostel closed 10:00 to 16:00 hrs and 24:00 to 06:30 hrs

Early arrival will be available. You may leave your luggages at our YH before14:00 pm on the arrival date and also after 10:00 am on the departure date.

Dinner starts at 19:00
Breakfast starts at 07:00 07:15 07:30



 We can speak English, German, French.



Please let me know as soon as possible by e-mailor phone,
if you wish to change or cancel the booking.
If you wish to cancel within 2 days of the booking,
please let me know by telephone.
Cancellation fees
7 days before the date of stay no cancellation fee
2 days before the date of stay 20 % of total fee
the day before the date of stay 50 % of total fee
the day of stay 70 % of total fee
No notice 100 % of total fee

 Learning About Kyoto
It is written by 7 languages.
It is produced by Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

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